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Alright a few books now. This time the beginning of one of my own.

eljase - The Book of Barblebrook
eljase 11
Book layout and artwork by eljase



Death Waits at Castle Moan by C.M. Mutch.
Christina always wanted to be my first book cover but the publishing world and life can be a real bugger,
and one slipped in a head of her first published work. Better late... eh.
More to come I'm sure

C.M. Mutch - Death Waits at Castle Moan
eljase 11
Book layout and artwork by eljase
Illustration by PJ Judd
More info at
Copyright C.M. Mutch buy it here for Kindle



This was a first. The author approached me to do a cover layout for his book about the human body.
I gave it a crack and this is the result.

Mike Bell - Amazing Things You Don't Know About Your Own Body
eljase 08
Book layout and artwork by eljase
Copyright Mike Bell

Mr. Bell approached me with the idea of using a picture of "The Thinker" by Rodin and asked if I could bulge out Dante's eyes like a cartoon character after a big surprise. A few trys in with his idea I decided that the baloon eyes might be a bit over the top and began looking for other ways to convey the subtitle. I proposed a more subtle and fun way might be to put a mirror in Dante's hand and have him looking at himself with just the slightest a grin. I purchased a replica statue (much easier to photograph) and as Mike is also a brilliant photographer asked him to shoot it from the angle I designed and also take pictures of a hand and mirror.
Here is the result.

A fun fact here is:
It's actually Mikes hand and mirror taken with a camera timer.


Again by request... a Wedding Invite created in my style.

Leo & Mary Oliveira
eljase 06
Wedding Invitation layout and artwork by eljase
Copyright eljase


To continue a theme here's a Wedding Bridal Photo.

Keri Snowden
eljase 07
Wedding Bridal by eljase
Copyright eljase



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